Hiram Trillo and the Lightroom™ Retouching Toolkit January 21 2014, 0 Comments

Here is a little story that has rarely been told... When I started Life. Camera. Actions. it had a different name and a website that I hadn't even shared yet. A photographer named Hiram Trillo messaged me and said he would love to write a product review for PhotoBiz.com. The product wasn't even finished but I decided to send him a copy on a whim. It was the first one. Hiram and I actually met for the first time when I launched the company at WPPI. (I also met the people from Photobiz and became lifelong friends with many of them.) Fast forward a few years... Hiram wins The Grand Award (plus a couple more) at WPPI. Naturally, when I finished the Lightroom™ Retouching Toolkit, I sent him the first copy. That was last night and he had NEVER OPENED LIGHTROOM! He just sent me this before and after which was done using only my brushes... Oh and I taught a Photobiz webinar yesterday. It's crazy how things come full circle!
Here is what Hiram had to say...

"Brett sent me a copy of his new Lightroom Retouching Toolkit last night and I immediately wanted to put it to the test.  I wanted to throw it a challenge and I knew just what image to start with!  I did this shoot for Mamiya Leaf a few months back and had taken this image while testing my light.  So I pulled it up and started the process of editing here are the results.  I'm sold!

Btw, I had never opened Lightroom until yesterday!"  -Hiram Trillo

Thanks so much for sharing this image, Hiram!  I'm so pumped about this you guys have no idea!  I've been working on this stuff for so long now and I've been the only one to even see it.  When you put your art into the world you hope people get something out of it.  Seeing results like this confirms what I already knew... this thing rocks!

You can purchase the Lightroom™ Retouching Toolkit HERE!