Motivational Monday #1 January 20 2014, 0 Comments

Hopefully you guys are pumped that it is Monday. I wanted to take a minute to send out some positive vibes and encouragement to those of you who are sitting at your desk wishing it was Friday.
I've been there.
We all have.
8 months ago I was in the worst shape of my life and honestly, not excited to come to work. I would beat myself every day. Instead of doing the things I needed to do, I kept self sabotaging. I didn't even know why I was doing it and the fact that I did made me even more depressed. It was one of the lowest times in my life (and I haven't told this to many people.)
I woke up one day and realized my problem... I thought I deserved success. That because I had worked my ass off for so many years, I could just kick back and the universe would continue to reward me for my past efforts. I had met and exceeded my ten year goals in 3 years time and I didn't really know what was left to do. My purpose and my passion were fading...
That morning I realized that all this negativity that I was engulfed in was created by me. The world around me hadn't changed that much so I must be the root of the problem. All I had to do was change my mindset. I wrote one sentence on my whiteboard that day...
"Happiness is a choice."
If you aren't happy with yourself and the decisions you make, you won't be happy with the world around you.
I got back to making the right decisions. I got back to remembering my purpose and why I do the things I do. Most importantly, I got back to showing up to work every day and putting the time and energy in.
My life from that day forward has been insane. I have lost 60 lbs. I'm rockin a 6 pack. I've started lots new projects I'm really excited about, I'm mentoring photographers from across the country, and I'm feeling the best I have felt in a long time. I've come up with more incredible ideas in the past 8 months than I can even list... I will be making awesome products for you guys for years to come.
The whole point of this is that you can change your life...
You just have to change your mind.
-Brett Jarnagin
LRT Creator