Our First Giveaway! (featuring Blair Phillips!) February 05 2014, 15 Comments


Jo Brazzlle - You won the Lightroom™ Retouching Toolkit!

Alison Henrie - You won Seniors That Rock by Blair Phillips!


Hey everyone!  Thanks for stopping by our new website.  I'm excited to be having our first giveaway today so let's get to it!

I have been exhibiting my other company, Life. Camera. Actions., at trade shows for years now.  When I started I was just 22 and spotting a well known photographer was like spotting a celebrity.  Over time I got the guts to talk to these people and have become friends with so many of them that it blows my mind.  Of course, we all have our favorite people, and since I met Blair Phillips and his crew, I have always tried to make a point of hanging out with them at shows!  Blair is one of the best educators in the photography industry and one of the most genuine people as well.  I'm pumped that today we are giving away his Seniors That Rock, eBook! (a $99 value!)

Blair also teaches workshops that I highly recommend.  I've only heard great things about them (and I get the opportunity to hear from a lot of photographers!)  His workshop schedule picks up in March and you can find more at this link. 

You can also take 20% off anything in Blair's store using code LRT20 -  link here!

Our second prize up for grabs is our new Lightroom™ Retouching Toolkit!  I've put so much time and energy into this product and I'm so glad that it is finally here!  I have been getting a ton of great feedback and if you are a Lightroom user, it is going to change your workflow!  You can look around the website for more info, but the LRT is essentially 48 local adjustment brushes for Lightroom that let you completely retouch your images.  You can do anything from smooth the skin, enhance the eyes and the hair, whiten teeth, reduce redness, and even apply makeup.  The LRT isn't just limited to headshots either because you can also dodge and burn, enhance the color, adjust the white balance and tint, plus so much more!  I'm so confident you'll love it, I am giving a free 7 day, money back guarantee!