Reviewed on Fundy! April 16 2015, 0 Comments


Fundy is a guy that I really respect in this industry.  His products drastically speed up your design workflow and his new Album Builder v6 will completely change the way albums are designed from here forward.  

When he reached out to me to see if I would be interested in having the Lightroom Retouching Toolkit reviewed on his blog, I was pretty pumped :)

I sent over the retoucher and he sent it to one of their top pros, Britney Gardner of Turn Loose The Art and Willow Album Designs.  This way it was an independent and objective review since I didn't know Britney at the time...  However, a week after the review was posted we had sales in 18 countries and I would end up meeting Britney at WPPI and basically dancing with her in my trade show booth because I was so happy to see her, haha!

You can read the independent review here!