Editing 10 Images in 10 Minutes with Vanessa Joy July 30 2014, 2 Comments

Yesterday I did a guest post for Vanessa Joy's blog sharing some Lightroom tricks (video here!)

We got a lot of great feedback and insight into what other photographers are doing in their own workflows.  One photographer mentioned that they spend about 20+ minutes per image that they edit!  Yikes!  I can relate though.  When I started in photography I spent about 6 hours editing my first senior session.  That was fun until about session number 4 when I realized that something had to change.  Over time I developed a workflow that worked for me and I drastically cut down my editing time.  One of the biggest changes I made was in the way I approached a session.  I stopped "spraying and praying" and started to really focus in on what was going into the camera.  What I found was that I got better images, had fewer images to sort through, and had to spend less time fixing mistakes that I made in the field.

The video below by Vanessa Joy is a great example of what a fast an efficient Lightroom and Photoshop workflow should look like.  Vanessa's workflow has to be speedy... she does same day slideshows at wedding receptions!