Sticky Albums - Word of Mouth for Photographers August 11 2014, 2 Comments


In my experience in building businesses, effective word of mouth marketing is always crucial to success.  With my photography business, I was always looking for ways to stimulate word of mouth.  So how can you do it?  Step one is to be remarkable.  In Seth Godin's words, remarkable businesses are worth remarking about.  So what are you doing that is different?  What can you do that is worth being talked about and shared?

I stumbled upon StickyAlbums (and the incredibly kind and giving owner, Nate) at SYNC a couple years ago.  StickyAlbums was fairly new at the time but I immediately saw how impactful this tool could be for my business and the businesses of other photographers.

For the uniformed, StickyAlbums allows you to create unique mobile apps for your clients.  You can create a gallery of their images and they can download the app to their phone and share with their friends.  How cool is that!?  I knew that I wanted to make StickyAlbums a part of my marketing efforts and so when I got home I signed up and started making apps.  It took very little time to put them together and I was excited to share them with my clients.  They were all blown away and quickly shared them with all their friends and family.  StickyAlbums makes it easy for your clients to share their apps directly from the app which means more eyes on your images and brand.

Ultimately, I used StickyAlbums as a way to excite my clients and get them to share my images and my work.  If they booked a package at a certain price point, I would include a StickyAlbum for free (with my own branding of course!)

One of the most effective ways to use StickyAlbums is to give them to all your clients as a teaser.  I like to include 8 images from their session as a preview and then 1 image as a coupon that I have made.  It typically reads "want to have rockstar senior images like this?  Mention Emily's App and get $25 off your session!"   This made it easy for me to get my clients to do the marketing for me.  I always made sure to inform them all the ways they could share their album so more of their friends and family could see it (people want to show off how beautiful they are!)  I will be sharing more of how I use StickyAlbums on their site soon!