About Us – Lightroom Retouching Toolkit

About Us

Hello!  My name is Brett Jarnagin and I am the creator of the Lightroom™ Retouching Toolkit.  I've had a pretty wild ride in this industry so far.

I started my photography business at age 19 and by the time I was 22 I was teaching international workshops alongside future WPPI Grand Award Winner, Hiram Trillo, and rockstar wedding photographer, Danny Cuevas.  We are also sponsored by a tequila company... no big deal :)

Around the same time I risked a huge chunk of my life savings to launch my new Photoshop actions company, Life. Camera. Actions., at WPPI.  I made the 29 hour drive to Vegas to exhibit alongside all the top brands in the industry (having never been to a trade show myself.)  I actually launched the website from my hotel room.  We ended up crushing it at WPPI and LCA has now been downloaded in over 25 countries by thousands of photographers.

From the start, our users have been begging for Lightroom™ products.  The Lightroom Retouching Toolkit is my answer.  It is everything you need to make local adjustments on your image, whether you're retouching a senior portrait or simply balancing out your exposure and tones on a picture of your kids in the backyard.  You can do it all and you don't need to be a Lightroom guru!

I am committed to creating products that rock and the Lightroom Retouching Toolkit is no exception!  I use it on all of my pictures!