Lightroom Retouching Toolkit - Retouching Brushes and Presets


"This product is a game changer... it won't be long before it's a staple of everyone's workflow."

-Vanessa Joy

"We've always been a little hesitant when it comes to using Lightroom just because we have our Bridge/Photoshop
workflow down so well, but when Brett created the Lightroom Retouching Toolkit, it made us rethink everything.
This toolkit is extremely easy to use and really saves us time by not having to go back and forth fro
Lightroom to Photoshop. The LRT has revamped our workflow to be even more efficient!"

-Blair Phillips
“After using the Lightroom Retouching Toolkit, I was amazed at how easily and quickly I could retouch my images! 
No more bouncing between Photoshop and Lightroom.  I can now cut my editing time in half all thanks to the LRT!

Anytime I can save time, simplify stuff, and make my photos even more BOMB I’m PUMPED!  
The Lightroom Retouching Toolkit does all of those things. It’s my workflow... on crack! Really affordable crack!

"Brett's Lightroom Retouching Toolkit is easy to load, easy to use.
Now I can do more to my portraits right in Lightroom without ever going into Photoshop!"
I really love the new Lightroom Retouching Toolkit!   Unlike other LR tools that only work on certain photos,
I can use the LRT on everything I shoot - from the events I photograph for my high school yearbook to portraits
and street photography in my personal work. I love how I can quickly do anything from simply enhancing the
color of a landscape to full retouching of a model. All the brush presets are cleanly organized so I can easily
find the tool that works best for what I want to do. I think this toolkit is the perfect solution for anyone looking
for awesome retouching tools and speedy productivity!
-Nikolai Puc'
"I purchased this brush kit at SYNC and... I'm in love!!!
I have other brush tools that I paid more for, and I'll never go back to them after these. Great Job Brett!